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On: Sunday, December 16, 2012

Launched in December 2012, owned and operated by KTdesignstudio.

As with all good online endeavors, this blog will evolve and grow over time, but you can count on us to remain true to our overall mission: As a community, we will create a strong and respectful container to hold rich and diverse conversations, differing perspectives, feelings, interests, concerns and commentaries on all sorts of topics you might find interesting. We launched the blog to provide an informal outreach to all interested parties. Our blog will give you information about the Web: in-depth look for the new trends, Web design, Web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3 and related JavaScript APIs, allowing you to remain state of the art in the unified messaging arena. This blog is dedicated on being an up to date and reliable source of quality information in order to create a valuable learning platform for our visitors. All contributions to the blog are submitted by leading experts and professionals for information and learning purposes. We thank you for reading this blog and invite you to  share your perspective by commenting.

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